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About Us

FROMAELLC  (License № 692160) Company is Locted in A Freezone Dubai. The company operates under the license of General Trading and accordingly has the right to trade with all types of production. We export goods from freezone to internal market of Emirates and also anywhere in the world. When exporting to other countries, the goods aren't assessed with the tax of 5%, with which it is assessed at goods when exporting to the internal market of emirates and this is a principal cause why we offerthe best prices in the United Arab Emirates .


Our command has the experts having long-term experience in marketing and trade in the markets of the United Arab Emirates, USA, China, and other countries. In 2010 All These Experts have MERGED in one command and have the Organized Basic stuff of command.  Basically Although we specialize on export of Electronics and autospare parts to the CIS and Transcaucasian Countries, Spectrum of Production and Services Given by us Constantly Expands. Creation   Creation of an electronic trading platform, has given the chance to get access to the detailed information on huge assortment of the goods at any time from any point of the world. And this has facilitated, simplified, and accelerated an information exchange between suppliers and purchasers.


Our office at Dubai Creek Tower Office -16c Deira .Dubai Po box -380621, Dubai. If you are outside the Emirates, you can Get High-quality advice in the Service of Support Online or or write A letter to the section of applications to the e-mail [email protected] . We will be glad to any kind of mutually advantageous cooperation and development of our and your business.